Order No. & Date of issue Subject Name & Place of Designation

Drawal of salary for the officers working in re_organized Customs formations - Communication thereof - Reg. Reorganized fromNew Re-Organized formationsSalary to be drawn from
1.Re-organized Customs formations from erstwhile Coimbatore GST CommissionerateCoimbatore Airport
Air Cargo/Courier Terminal / AIU ICD Irugur
ICD Thidiyalur
ICD Concor
ICD Chettipalayam
Customs Division, Trichy
2.Reorganized Cutoms formations from erstwhile Salem GST CommissionerateEPC Erode
EPC Namakkal
ICD Hosur
Customs Division, Trichy
3.Reorganized Cutoms formations from erstwhile Madurai GST CommissionerateAirport Madurai
Air Cargo / AIU
ICD Madurai
CustomsDivision, Tuticorin
4.Reorganized Cutoms formations from erstwhile Tirunelveli GST CommissionerateEPC TirunelveliCustomsDivision, Tuticorin

Allocation of work based on re-organisation of Customs formations under Trichy customs(Pre.) Zone  based on Ministry's Notification No. 82/2017- Cus.(NT) dated 24.08.2017 as amended -Reg.      1. Shri Eswar Reddy ,JC, CCO, Trichy. Additional charge of Madurai Customs and Tirunelveli Customs.
      2. Shri  J.Md. Navfal, JC, Trichy Costoms Comm't. In addition to his regular charge, he will attend to all the works other than the work allotted to 1.
      3.Shri Dr.A.Venkadesh Babu, AC, CCO, Trichy. He will also hold additional charge of Customs Preventive at Hqrs office , Trichy.