Order No. Date of issue Cadre No. of
Posted to / Remarks
53/201705-SEPTEMBER-2017Motor Drivers03Posted to Customs Hqrs., Trichy & CPU Muthupet
52/201723-AUGUST-2017Inspector05Posted to Hqrs, Trichy
51/201723-AUGUST-2017Head Havaldar / Havaldar11Posted to Airport,AIU, Hqrs., Trichy & Custom Division Tuticorin
50/201711-AUGUST-2017Inspector01Posted to Air Cargo, Trichy
49/201711-AUGUST-2017Superintendent05Posted to Hqrs. Trichy
48/201726-JULY-2017Head Havaldar01Retained at CCO, Hqrs. Trichy.
47/201726-JULY-2017Motor Driver01Posted to CCO,Hqrs. Trichy.
46/201726-JULY-2017Assistant Commissioner04Posted to Division, Formation and Hqrs. Trichy.
45/201717-JULY-2017Superintendent01Posted to PRO, CCO, Trichy.
44/201714-JULY-2017Superintendent04Posted to Custom House, Tuticorin.
43/201713-JULY-2017Superintendent07Posted to Air cargo, Cus.Dn.Cuddalore, CCO office and Customs Hqrs. Trichy
42/201705-JULY-2017Inspector04Posted to AIU, Division and Customs Hqrs. Trichy
41/201705-JULY-2017Inspector19Posted to Division, Formation, AIU, CPU and Customs Hqrs. Trichy
05-JULY-2017Inspector10Posted to CPU, Division and Customs Hqrs. Trichy
39/201705-JULY-2017Assistant Commissioner01Posted to Customs Airport, Trichy
38/201723-JUNE-2017Inspector39Posted to CH, TTN and Customs Commissionerate Trichy
37/201723-JUNE-2017Inspector15Posted to Central Excise, Trichy
36/201716-JUNE-2017Head Havaldar / Havaldar18Posted to Hqrs., Divisions, CPUs
35/201712-JUNE-2017Senior Deck Hand03Promoted to the grade of Senior Deck Hand from the grade of Seaman at Custom  Division, Nagapattinam.
34/201712-JUNE-2017Sukhani02Promoted to the grade of Sukhani from the grade of Senior Deck Hand and Seaman at Custom Division Nagai and Ramnad respectively.
33/201712-JUNE-2017Head Havaldar09Custom House, Tuticorin.
32/201709-JUNE-2017MTS01Customs Hqrs., Trichy
31/201706-JUNE-2017Superintendent01CPU Keelakarai to CH, Tuticorin.
30/201706-JUNE-2017Superintendent26AGT-posting & transfer of Customs Commissionerate Trichy and out of CH, Tuticorin.
Estt. Order 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 28, 29 / 2017 in Hindi 
29/201706-JUNE-2017Assistant Commissioner13Posted to Headquarters and divisions concerned.
28/201731-MAY-2017Head Havaldar5Posted to Airport, Trichy.
Estt. Order 22-27/2017 in Hindi dated 08-JUNE-2017
27/201731-MAY-2017Inspector11 CH,Tuticorin to Customs,Trichy & CCO,Trichy
26/201731-MAY-2017Inspector11 CH, Tuticorin 
25/201731-MAY-2017Superintendent12 CH, Tuticorin to Customs,Trichy.
24/201731-MAY-2017Superintendent7 Customs House, Tuticorin
23/201731-MAY-2017Inspector9Airport, Customs,Trichy
22/201731-MAY-2017Superintendent2Airport, Customs,Trichy
21/201715-MAY-2017Havildar1 CC(P), Trichy  to  Customs Division, Tuticorin
20/201702-MAY-2017Superintendent1 CH, Tuticorin,  to  Customs Division Cuddalore
19/201724-APR-2017Inspector1 C.Excise Division, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli Commissionerate to  Customs Division Ramnad
17/201707-APR-2017Motor Drivers4 In and out to Airport.
15/201707-APR-2017Inspectors2 Posting to CPU,Mahabalipuram & ICD Arakonam-New Recruits.
14/201707-APR-2017Inspector1 Posting to AIU,Airport, Trichy.
13/201717-MAR-2017Superintendent1 CH, Tuticorin to CCO, Trichy.
12/201717-MAR-2017Havildars2 Posting and Transfer
11/201717-MAR-2017Tax Assistants2 Posting and Transfer
10/201715-MAR-2017Superintendent1 CH, Tuticorin to Cus.Trichy
09/201701-MAR-2017Superintendent22 Posting & Transfer
08/201728-FEB-2017Superintendent12 Posting to CH, TTN
07/201727-FEB-2017Inspector2 Posting to  Cus.Dvn, TTN,CPU,Aranthangi
06/201717-FEB-2017Superintendent7 Posting to Airport 
05/201707-FEB-2017Head Havaldar1 Airport to Customs Division, Tuticorin
04/201723-JAN-2017Inspectors20 Transfer and Posting
03/201719-JAN-2017Superintendent2 Posted to CH,TTN and C.Ex.,Trichy
02/201719-JAN-2017Superintendent1 Airport to Customs Division,Trichy
01/201718-JAN-2017Tax Assistant1 Posted to Customs Division, Tuticorin